• Buddy Hicks

    "Ate at Un Poco De Todo today for lunch. Beyond impressed with the meal (picodilla empanada, a regular taco and a specialty taco, Wild Randy?). All hand made, the tacos are loaded with quality, fresh ingredients. Un Poco De Todo is Numero Uno! Owner and staff are very friendly. Give them a try in Gruene, next to the Olive Oil store on Hunter Rd. "

  • Claire C.

    "Authentic, amazing food!! I love recommending this place to friends and people I meet all the time. It's fun anticipating the text "that's the best tacos I've ever had!!". Un Poco De Todo is really "all that and a bag of (tortilla) chips!" I told my husband today that that I was craving UPDT tacos so bad that I was willing to "saw my own arm off 127 hours later style" for a chance to get their tacos. I will name my first born child Un Poco De Todo. It will be my next tattoo. I have a UPDT shrine at my house dedicated to our savior the spicy taco. Ok, I got a little carried away at the end there. But seriously, we LOVE this taco truck!!!"